Golden Motors offers cash for cars and provides one of best service in buying cars in the most efficient and easiest way without compromising the value of your vehicle. We even offer Sydney Free Car Removal.

Free Car Removals

A lot of people are always looking for their car removal due to various reasons. Removing your car sometimes requires a lot of hassle, complications and transportation issues. We offer free car removal services all around Sydney. We can even pick your vehicle for removals from site if required. We ensure all the hazardous materials in your vehicle are safely removed and drained. Our team of experts can carry out the removal of tyres, batteries, engine oil, coolants, catalytic converters, transmission fluids and other materials in no time. Once we remove old car, we can offer spot on cash for them.

free car removal
sell truck for cash

Sell Truck for Cash

Vans and trucks often take a lot of damage due to the nature of the job they are involved in. The depreciation of trucks and vans also seems to have a higher rate. Damages, scratches and dents are quite frequent due to punishments they endure. It’s very hard to get good amount of cash for them most of the time. Most of the dealers won’t be able to offer good value for them. Unlike others, we specialise in valuation of these trucks and vans and never disappoint you with what we offer. If you are planning to sell truck for cash then feel free to contact us for the best value for your vehicle.

Cash For Cars

If you simply want to get rid of any old car of any model and any make, you are just a phone call away. Remember us If you just want to remove an old car or sell your worn out truck/van or just planning to get a newer model. We offer straight cash for cars including trucks, UTEs, vans and Suvs in the most respective value. All you need to do is contact us for free quotations and inspection. We will inspect them and offer the best value for your cars in cash, all around Sydney. We believe in simplicity when purchasing cars from our customers. It cannot get any simple than cash for cars Sydney.

Sell Damaged Cars

Accidents can happen at any point of time resulting in damage to your beloved cars. In worst case scenario, your car could be written off by insurance company. Damaged cars and written off cars are very hard to sell and some people simply scrap them for dirt prices. People simply neglect the deserving value of these cars . Some companies will never quote you the full potential value for those cars. However, we are very confident that we can offer the most competitive price for your damaged cars. If you are willing to sell damaged car, we can conduct a brief check of the car and work out the best possible amount.

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